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WordPress Website Design

Plus One Huron- Pregnancy Guidance Center

This website redesign started with reviewing the primary and secondary audiences for this site, and making it easy to help viewers find information. A new sitemap was created to reflect the primary demographic, with strategic calls to action. A new brand style guide was created, and the color palette was adapted to best suit the nature of the content. A page was created for Spanish speaking visitors, which was important for making the site accessible for their area.

For page layout, the primary goal of the site is based on local SEO needs- to provide new visitors with all the info they need to easily locate to or call the local organization from a mobile phone, schedule an appointment, or learn more about the resources provided. Donor resources were prioritized as the second demographic, and online giving with a new platform was researched and integrated.

This site’s original framework was not the WordPress platform, so careful steps were taken to preserve SEO in the redesign. A functional sitemap was made and redirects were added for all necessary items. All the google-optimizing features were included as well. On-page SEO, Google Analytics and Search Console integration, mobile friendly design, and site optimization work together to make Google happy. Social media and email marketing integration set the stage for future marketing endeavors. And best of all, the WordPress platform provides business-grade quality and the freedom to expand.

One marketing add-on we included was email marketing, which includes the setup of an email marketing account and lists, and campaign design. With this emphasis, more leads can be cultivated and special promotions can be advertised through this marketing channel.

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