Project: Logo Digitization


St. Olaf Preschool

Learning and growing were two central aspects of Pr. Joshua Skogerboe’s logo concept for his church’s preschool, St. Olaf Lutheran Preschool, Montgomery, IL. He created a sample sketch showing an open book and sprouting plant, and we were able to take it the rest of the way. After a couple revisions, a more lively book shape was chosen to bring a sense of dynamic energy to the preschool’s logo. In addition a simplified sprout with a thicker stem was integrated to maintain image clarity at smaller sizes, and enhance the visual balance. We explored a variety of font options to find the perfect blend between playful and formal. The finished product was also designed to pair well with the church’s preexisting logo. It uses the same circle shape, aspect ratio, and four color system, but the blues have been replaced by greens of a similar value.

It was a pleasure working with Pr. Joshua to develop a logo for their preschool! They have a top-notch program there and it was a blessing to be a part of all they are doing to serve the next generation.

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