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Awakening Lives to World Missions

It was a privilege to be part of this amazing ministry’s next steps of expansion, which involved a multi-phase process to best explain the exciting work they do. We began with a research and planning phase, where we reviewed goals for the immediate time frame and the next few years. Next up was a brand refresh! I started with a deep dive into the brand content and crafted storytelling-style messaging. The brand style guide was adapted to include an updated color palette based on the existing logo, providing a fresh visual brand expression. Then we reorganized the content with a new sitemap, which reflects clear strategy for potential ministry partners, short-term missionaries, and donors. I wrapped up the phase with a wireframing of the priority pages.

The design phase involved the implementation of all the plans, and provided a total reorganization of the site from top to bottom. Several blog functionality pages were included, email marketing integration and opt-in forms, donation processing integration, and a whole slug of customized stock images.

Since the site was originally made in Squarespace, but in need of an upgrade to the current version, it required new build. I integrated a custom design template to really set the look apart from the free and included Squarespace themes. It was SO MUCH FUN to fill out the design and carry it through the entire site in a way that best fit the ALWM brand!

In the pre-launch phase, we finalized all the content, and the site owner joined in at this point as there were quite a few pages to add content to. I reviewed all redirect needs, added redirects, integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console, uploaded the sitemap to Google Analytics, and updated the domain and DNS records.

This unique Squarespace design option is great for site owners looking for a low-maintenance website that can be updated by web users of most levels of experience. Contact Monica to learn more about finding a unique Squarespace design for your one-of-a-kind needs!

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