2024 Website Tune Up

A 10-point tune up for optimal website performance

Keeping it current, optimized & search friendly

Is your website welcoming in new visitors or turning them away? Just like a vehicle needs regular maintenance and our phones need updated software, every website needs ongoing care and technical updates.

I like to think of your website as your hardest working employee. Working day and night to rep your brand and bring in new possible clients and customers. If employees often have annual performance reviews, shouldn’t your website?

The 10-Point Tune Up is an action-packed annual review that makes sure your website is updated, healthy, and that there are no security threats or optimization issues. This is especially important if your website has been around for a while! Let’s make sure your website is functioning as well as it can to give the best (and only) first impressions to your future visitors.


  1. Technical updates- WordPress sites: Make sure your site is fully updated (all plugins, themes and software)
  2. Copyright year update- Update the copyright year in the website’s footer… be sure you’re not stuck in the past! The wrong year is dead giveaway that the site is not being maintained and often can be tricky to update.
  3. Broken link testing- Discover any broken links or 404 errors that negatively impact your searchability
  4. Web security scan- Review the nitty gritty technical details for anything that could be a threat.
  5. Performance quality audit- We use Google Lighthouse to audit your pages for performance, accessibility, SEO, and more.
  6. SEO Health check- XML Sitemap Confirmation makes sure that Google has what it needs to find your site.
  7. Google Analytics integration check- Confirm that your website data tracking is integrated with your site.
  8. Google Rank Check- Find out your top driving keywords and how people are finding you!
  9. Contact form testing- Confirm that new lead and contact forms are going to the right places and receiving confirmation/reply emails as needed.
  10. Social media links- Confirm that the social channels are updated and correctly linked.

What's Included

Your site will be technically updated (for WordPress sites- technical maintenance for all plugins, themes and WordPress software), scanned for any risks and tested for optimal performance. You will receive a report with all the details, and any concerns will be explained. 

As a BONUS, customized follow up steps for improved searchability and performance will be provided. Should you desire help in moving forward with any action items, just let me know! 



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