Project: WordPress Website Design

Bare Skin Aesthetics 605- One-Page Business Website

Bare Skin Aesthetics 605 is a brand new business, ready to get a solid start with an online foundation that builds their brand and SEO. With a bold, sleek and professional design, we incorporated everything they needed for this growing business. 
On-page SEO, Google Anatlyics and Search Console integration, mobile friendly design, and great hosting work together to make Google happy. Social media and email marketing integration set the stage for future marketing endeavors. And best of all, the WordPress platform provides business-grade quality and the freedom to expand.
Interested in learning more about a one-page site? Perfect for start-up businesses looking for a solid place to expand, this is an excellent option to build an online foundation with SEO presence. 
This project has been so much fun! I hope you’ll check out Bare Skin Aesthetics by Ashley Wagner, CNP and their brand new site.

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