Project: Website Redesign

Legacy Bracelets

Legacy Bracelets is a company that designs handmade personalized gift bracelets that are not only stunning, but also a wonderful way to celebrate a special person in one’s life. After eleven years in business, it was time for a website redesign that allowed for both structural and style changes.

Structurally, the site’s e-commerce platform and products were migrated to a newer, highly-integrated e-commerce system. Additional functionality was added to allow for the bracelet customization features (custom text instructions and multiple photo uploads), and also to streamline the purchase process. Google Analytics reporting was enabled, the site was reviewed for optimization, and images were edited and optimized for site speed. As a SiteCare customer, SSL (a high level of website hosting required for online security) was added to maximize their e-commerce site.

In terms of style changes, we transformed the site with a new look and carried the new design elements, color palette, and typography throughout the site. Web marketing integration was a priority for Legacy Bracelets, and we added functionality that allowed for the development of email marketing and social media integration.

With our e-commerce package, additional marketing features were included, such as coordinating social media images, email marketing setup and campaign design, blog post creation, and Customer Relationship Management setup and integration.

It was a privilege to be able to work with Joshua and Amy Skogerboe, Legacy Bracelets owners, and we are so excited for their continued business growth ahead in 2019. Be sure to check out their stylish new bracelet designs, released just in time for the holidays!

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